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Car Rental Denmark

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Car Rental Denmark
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Historically known as the land the Vikings, it comes to no surprise Denmark is scattered with medieval castles, churches and sacred Viking burial grounds. As Denmark has invented world-renowned kids game Lego-blocks and boasts a themed Legoland in Billund (in the south of Denmark), the area has become one of the country’s most popular attractions. Denmark is also world famous for its Danish pastries which -apart from the traditional- come in all sorts of shapes and flavors.

Car Rental Denmark



Area of Denmark:

2,220,093 km2 (1,370,000 sq mi) for mainland Denmark With oversea territories.

43,075 km2 (16,641 sq mi) for mainland Denmark Without oversea territories.

Population: 5,671,050 Total for All Areas (2011 estimate)




Denmark is the southernmost of the Nordic countries and a Scandinavian country belonging to the European Community (includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland), with the exception of some EU chapters. Denmark is southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, with its mainland being bordered to the south by Germany. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland and many Islands and it simultaneously borders the Baltic and North seas.


Denmark is a Constiitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government and a founding member of NATO. It has a state-level government and local governments in 98 municipalities. Denmark has been a member of the European Union since 1973, although it has not joined the Eurozone (along with 9 other EU countries), a currency union among the European Union member states that have adopted the Euro as their sole official currency. Neither Greenland, nor the Faroe Islands are members of the European Union. Greenland left the European Economic Community in 1986 and the Faroe Islands declined membership in 1973, when Denmark joined.


Denmark is the smallest of all Scandinavian countries but is the second largest in population. Denmark consists of three parts; Sjaelland, Jutland and Fyn. Sjaelland is home to Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, Jutland lies to the west and tucked in between them lies Fyn. There are about 500 islands around Denmark but only 100 of them have human presence.


Traditionally Denmark is a highly agricultural country. Two thirds of the land is given up to agriculture, whereas only 12% of the country is covered by forests. The land can be easily cultivated as there are absolutely no hills whatsoever, with the highest elevation is only 173 meters.


Danish people like to describe themselves and their way of life with a special Danish word; Hygge. Hygge translates as a “blend of coziness, warmth, intimacy and privacy.


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Denmark's weather is quite mild. Denmark has a temperate climate, the mildness of which is largely defined by the generally westerly winds and by the fact that the country is virtually encircled by water. The winters are not particularly cold and the summers are mild. There is little fluctuation between day and night temperatures, but sudden changes in wind direction can quickly change seasonally normal weather patterns. The prevailing westerly winds are stronger in winter.


Car Rental Denmark


With very few natural resources, the economy of Denmark relies almost entirely on human resources. The service sector makes up the vast amount of the employment and economy. Its industrialised market economy depends on imported raw materials and foreign trade.

Denmark produces oil, natural gas, wind & bio-energies. Its principal exports are machinery, instruments and food products. The US is Denmark's largest non-European trading partner, accounting for around 5% of total Danish merchandise trade. Aircraft, computers, machinery, and instruments are among the major US exports to Denmark. There are several hundred US-owned companies in Denmark, some of them just registered for tax purposes, which is beneficial for holding companies. Among major Danish exports to the U.S. are industrial machinery, chemical products, furniture, pharmaceuticals, lego and canned ham and pork.

Following the closure of Greenland's last lead and zinc mine in 1989, Greenland's economy is solely dependent on the fishing industry and financial transfers from the Danish central government. Despite resumption of several interesting hydrocarbon and mineral exploration activities, it will take several years before production will begin. Greenland's shrimp fishery is by far the largest source of income, since cod catches have dropped to historically low levels. Tourism is the only sector offering any near-term potential, and even this is limited due to the short season and high costs. The public sector plays a dominant role in Greenland's economy. Grants from mainland Denmark and EU fisheries payments make up about one-half of the home-rule government's revenues.

The Faroe Islands also depend almost entirely on fisheries and related exports. Without Danish Government bailouts in 1992 and 1993, the Faroese economy would have gone bankrupt. Since 1995, the Faroese economy has seen a noticeable upturn, but remains extremely vulnerable. Recent off-shore oil finds close to the Faroese area give hope for Faroese deposits, too, which may form the basis for an economic rebound over the longer term.


Source: Wikipedia



Denmark has many sandy beaches which mainly attract tourists from Germany. Swedish and Norwegian tourists are often visitors to the relatively lively city of Copenhagen while many young Scandinavians come for Denmark 's cheap and readily accessible beer, as well as wines and spirits. As Europe's oldest kingdom and the home of Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark is often marketed as a "Fairytale country", which can immerse its overseas visitors into its land of dreams and deep traditions.

Tourists in Denmark mainly originate from its neighboring countries, especially Germany, followed by Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands. With 4.7 million visitor arrivals in 2007 which was its peak performance since, Denmark ranked 43rd in the UNWTO's World Tourism rankings. Recent statistical data however, show that the total annual number of overnight stays in Denmark is currently declining.


Source: Wikipedia


Car Rental Denmark

Car Hire in Denmark with MisterHire.Com

Denmark is one of Europe’s flatland countries, which means that its easier in driving among Denmark’s well-structured roads and its well-mannered sensible drivers. Please take particular care for cyclists have the right of way when using a dedicated cycling lane. Denmark’s modern, toll-free roads (apart from some long bridges along the way) make Denmark a truly stress-free driving experience and allow you to focus more in its scenery and places of interest.

You may pick up one of our rental cars in any Danish location which is to your preference, such as city centres and airports. Our dedicated purchasing team compares prices across all the main suppliers such as Budget, Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Hertz as well as an abundance of other carefully selected and reliable local suppliers to find you the best car rental rates possible, 24/7 all year round. Visit any of our pages, or the orange car search facility in the top right section of this page and receive a concise, online and fully inclusive quote today and see how much can be saved on your next car rental in Denmark, simply by using our services.


Speed limits

Speed limits in Denmark are:

• Towns and cities  :   50 km/h (31 mph)
• Open Roads        :   80 km/h (48 mph)
• Motorways           : 130 km/h (81 mph)


Denmark uses the Right side for Driving.


Alcohol limit

0.05 per cent or 50mg/100ml. Drivers caught exceeding this limit could be instantly imprisoned.

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