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Car Rental Italy

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Car Rental Italy

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Saying a lot about Italy might sound as over-appraising its attraction as being one of the greatest European places to visit, but such a statement is nevertheless true, as it is a place of elevating ones senses to the fullest. It combines great history, contemporary and modern art, warm weather, glorious food and a welcoming zest, whether you are visiting this country's one end, or the other.

Car Rental Italy




Total area: 294 140 km² (113 568 mi²)

Population: 61,016,804 million (July 2011, Wikipedia)






With a Population of just above 61 Million, Italy has the 5th highest population density of the European Union. With some great diversity in the number of Italian dialects spoken, French, German and Slovene languages are also used as second languages in specific parts of the country.

Apart from the Italian state itself, there exist two more independent states within Italy and these are:
a) the Vatican City (Within Rome City, size: 108.7 acres) and
b) the Republic of San Marino (near Rimini, size: 25 square miles)


As the area size of Italy is not considered to be large, its weather from the top to its boot-shaped toe, may well vary pretty dramatically in any one annum. Likewise, as the inland features idyllic mountain ranges and its long coastlines are all over to be found on its shores, the temperature can vary in a matter of minutes as you are travelling from place to place. Given the time of the year, average temperatures can range from 3°C (37.4 ºF) in January to 18°C (64.4 ºF) in July/August (Source: ClimateTemp)



Italy received around 43 mln overseas visitors in 2011, a truly staggering number, given it’s the 5th most visited country in the world (source: Wikipedia-World Tourism Rankings). The nationalities of visitors to Italy vary greatly, but the top 10 countries providing tourists to Italy were:

1.    Switzerland         – 12.20 million
2.    Germany              – 11.59 million
3.    France                 – 10.14 million
4.    Austria                 –   6.61 million
5.    United Kingdom –  4.13 million
6.    Slovenia              –  4.09 million
7.    Spain                    –  2.76 million
8.    USA                      –  2.58 million
9.    Holland                –  2.25 million
10.  Belgium               –  1.28 million

(2009 arrivals-Source: Italy Chronicles)


Car Hire in Italy with MisterHire.Com

Renting a self drive car in this majestic country is an exciting way to visit and explore historic sites and most idyllic locations around Italy. At a drive pace set entirely by you, you may pause at historic sites of interest which range from its Northern parts (its most famous city of Milan), throughout the picturesque and mesmerizing wine country of Tuscany, through the ancient city of Rome and Vatican City and down to its Southern tip of Italy and the area of Umbria.

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Car Rental Italy


Why visit Italy and rent a Car from MisterHire.Com:

Firstly, there is an abundance of activities to do including (but not limited to): Art and culture, rich history reading/viewing, a multitude of historical buildings, special events attendance, nature trailing, visiting lakes, hiking mountains, playing golf, water skiing & boating, thermal spa relaxation, and many other outdoor sports & activities.

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Speed Limits

Speed limits in Italy are:

•    130 km/h on highways (autostrade) (110 km/h in case of rain);
•    110 km/h on freeways (superstrade);
•    90 km/h on single-lane roads;
•    50 km/h inside cities.

Source: Wikipedia

Major Airlines

Air Berlin, KLM, Condor Airlines, Monach Airlines, Thomson Airways, EasyJet, Thomas Cook Ailrines, Czech Airlines, Austrian Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, Olympic Air, Ryan Air

Places to Visit



Lake Como





Capri and many more.

Car Rental Italy

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